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Gifting Statement

Any and all property of any nature that I transfer from my ownership and possession to the recipient of my gift is intended as a gift and not as an investment. I have not been sold anything and I have not purchased anything, and I have not been offered any opportunity to do so. I have been told to not expect any return of any nature, and I have received no license or privilege of soliciting or recruiting other parties to participate in this gifting activity. With this statement I waive any and all my rights to civil or criminal remedies against the recipient of my gift and the gifting activity as a whole. I perceive no agreement between myself and the recipient of my gift, and I expect no profit, benefit, or opportunity of any nature in consideration of the property that I have been transferred as a gift. I believe that I am totally within the law, as it pertains to my activities herein described. My intent is to give a gift as an individual, and I do not intend the gift as an investment, or as a payment for which I am owed anything of any value or nature. Also, I acknowledge that my gift does not entitle me to any future opportunity or benefit of any nature. I understand that the gifting activity accepts only gifts and that they absolutely do not accept any property offered with the intent of its owner that a future return or opportunity be obtained or secured by virtue of their having transferred said gift to another individual. I have agreed under this gift contract to not reassert any rights to the property that I now give freely as a gift to another individual. I am a fully informed and consenting adult that has not been misled in anyway. I do hereby declare under penalties of perjury that the foregoing statement is true and correct and are binding upon me to the full extent expressed therein. I do hereby declare under penalties of perjury that the following statements are true and correct to the absolute best of my knowledge.
• By participating in this activity you have in no way purchased a "position" or "spot". You have not purchased the right to make money or proceeds and you have in no way purchased the right to benefit from gifting. It simply means that you have given a gift and the participation with this activity is logged and recorded. Being placed in any kind of chronological order does not mean that you have any rights to, or share in, the benefits of gifting.*
• Next Level Alliance Group reserves the right to revoke any person’s membership from this platform with no liability or explanation needed. This includes and is not limited to gifts given and down lines built. So please make sure you are a person of integrity and honesty, or else you may be the subject to revocation.


I, the undersigned, hereby confirm with full personal and legal responsibility, that I have requested this information of my own free will and accord, and that I am not seeking investment opportunities. I hereby affirm that the information that I am requesting is about a private gifting activity. I hereby confirm that neither you nor anyone on your behalf or anyone else associated with your activity has solicited me in any way. All parties state as truth that they are not employees or officials in or of any agency and are not a member of the media whose purpose is to collect information for defamation or prosecution. All parties agree that falsification of this criteria entitles the party defrauded thereby is entitled to $100,000.00 (U.S.) for violation of rights against forced association. Any documents or information received by me will not be construed as solicitation in any way whatsoever. I further affirm that I have been told that the nature of these activities is that of a gift and I affirm that my involvement with gifting is solely a voluntary act of my own accord. I also understand that should I get involved with gifting that my gift will be just that, a gift, and it is nothing to which I may lay claim in the future; it is a gift.